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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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It can concentrate a look to a subject practically for unlimited time till minutes and more long.There are socalled initiative movements of eyes transfer of a look from one subject on another without any external reason.Acoustical concentration too becomes long.It is caused by any quiet sounds, something involving the baby.Sight and hearing unite at' the srby the child turns the head in that party, from where is distributed ' the sound, looks around for its source.The child not only sees and hears.He aspires to visual and acoustical impressions, receives from them pleasure.Its look is involved by brilliant, colourful, moving subjects, hearing sounds of music, human speech.

For the present

For the present you cannot tell that duration of a dream changes inAS the KID FOR the rd WEEK MATUREDDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the rd WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development during games throws out forward hands and feet lying on a stomach, quickly lifts the head at ejection of feet rests heels about a mattress at the expense of what can move ahead slightly up Sense organs and reflexes coordinates movement of eyes, looking at subjects or bright light Intellectual development expresses for the present not certain reactions at wakefulness likes to consider bright subjects calms down, if you speak with it gently and hold Social development on hands carries out contact by eyes nestles on the person who holds it Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

His consciousness

Then the child suddenly leaves materials without fatigue signs, and having as though charged by new energy.His consciousness is ready to abstractions.At this level he pays attention to the outside world, studies it those ways which acquired earlier.He carries out comparisons quantitative and qualitative, showing true achievements of the education.This period known as the period of openin inspires children, fills them with pleasure.This stage of development conducts to further heights.

It is not known, there

It is not known, there would be children in this hole to tell terrible ~riya or soon would move home, having simply sat there and having experiencedproximity of a cemetery if with them we did not go two students folklore ~ache expeditions and I.We a little children the ardent desireto listen to terrifying stories, and storytellers were quickly.After a Torah ~tyey~chetverty history all suddenly and ~ at once felt, as it is goodwe sit and as fine everything occurs as it is necessary almost present night,nearby the cemetery creating exciting background, the wide light darkensthe road accurately divides two worlds otherworldly tainstvenno~mrachnycemeterial and our, where in a hole from all directions protected by bushes, a cosiness ~but the honest company was arranged.

Buried relatives, a part

Here arises a little blasphemous, but proved ~giya.When there is a new human settlement the village, the city, ~ people start to feel po~nastoyashchy settled, whenwhere they lodged, there is the first grave and there is a cemetery.Buried relatives, a part of a sort to which belonglivin firmly connect them mystical bonds to this earth.Furtherit is possible to remember and the construction victim which killed and buried underthe basis of the dwelling under construction that stood more strong.But it already taskethnographers to investigate the parallel traditions existing in second ~retny world of children and mythological world of adults.

In to the following

To dream of the … It influences, and it is very favorable, on formation of spiritual life of the young person.Do not interfere, allow! However, about a role of fairy tales and children's imaginations we still will talk.In to the following Book.Conclusion I know, of what all iskrinka in a fire dream.They asterisks dream to become … In total – all – everythin both big and small, love New year.It unique holiday, when even most adult and the most serious people can afford! to throw off a mask and – to turn in boys and girls, cheerful, foolish, carefree.

So, here problem

Having hardly arisen, the theory was disprovedfurther researches leukocytes cannot constantly absorb microbes.Special conditions in an organism that there was this force are necessary.So, here problem grain.Besides not microbes lead to an illness, a waste of their activity poison.In a science the theory of toxins prevailed.There was a sea of difficulties, it became obvious that we got only into a part of secret of immunity, and the last word, the basis of a problem remained is hidden from us.

On each largegrass

However to stake out it it appeared more difficult, than Mouett ~.Having boiled a big teapot of water, it properly got drunk to tea and, on ~ a little, went to mark borders of the site.On each largegrass bunch, on hummocks and trees round camp it undersigned.On itthe bulshy part of night left it was necessary to come back often to tent and to drinkincredible amount of tea.One teapot did not suffice.Work was for ~ Moore D., Young D.Childhood Outdoors Toward a Social Ecology of the Landscape.

Both the adult

Sign function does not open, and is acquired by the child.Both the adult gives models of replacements, and models of game renamings of subjects.But assimilation occurs only in case it is prepared by development of own activity of the child which, of course, too goes adults.Assimilation of that it is possible to use one subject as the deputy another an important turning point in understanding by the child of world around.It is found not only in game, but also in other kinds of activity and daily behavior of children.

The sound

The same treats and grammar.The child, analyzin rises up, a step behind a step, enriching the knowledge and without losing interest, yet does not reach top expressive, trenchant, vigorous speech, fine and perfect, as creation.The sound analysis at us leads to the spontaneous letter, but it belongs not to any age.Only fouryear four and a half years children are fond of similar exercises and so persistently in them are engaged as at any other age that develop excellent mechanical skills of the letter.The speech analysis, interest to separate words is also characteristic not for all age.Pupils from five to seven years passionate fans of words.

We will answer

When he will want to choose, he will not meet in us an obstacle.When it will concentrate for a long time on one exercise, we will preserve tranquillity of its work as mother protects a healthy sleep of the baby.When it will rise to abstractions, he will meet in us only an echo of his pleasure.We will answer tirelessly all its questions as though it was our mission in relation to it, like flower mission incessantly to extend the aroma.It will find in us a new source of life, not less delightful, than parent milk, the beginning of his first love.And consequently once he will understand us living he lived.

… the young

Normally Normally.… the young man half a year dreams of how will lease a building the former cinema also will create Youth Club, but the estimate to make is lazy, where money to take on repair and how to give – not clearly, than this club will be engaged specifically – it is not known there will be it is visible …, – he speaks … And if you tell to such evolved children about their absurdity plans, they will take offense and will go to look for someone with whom nearby it is possible to dream.And you easily will accuse that you ruined their dream.And actually in the fantastic fictions of people has such satisfaction that the world real with his rough pleasures discharges and to these pleasures does not aspire in general.

And on the contrary, lack

On this deep feeling of base trust to life will bevital optimism of the adult, his desire to live is based on light thencontrary to all hardship and his irrational confidence that allwill come to an end well contrary to circumstances.And on the contrary, lack of itfeelings can give in the future to refusal of fight for life even then,when the victory in principle is possible.In parent folklore of lullabies of songs starting point of countingin world system of coordinates there is a child lying in ~whether, and the space of world around is built round the child throughopposition warm ~ in which is to ~ with the baby, and the dangerous outside world a dark, a meadow, the small river,where for the time being to the child it is not necessary to go.

And the best

If right there on my inquiry other parents share master keys and tricks or simply thoughts that in generalprocess of education will turn into a holiday for what we, actually, always and stood up!.Let's arrange something like bank of ideas share the questions or your ideas of how to say goodbye to addictions, what to do, if.On the SOFIA publishing house site we will make a special page.And the best councils, games, ideas, tests and practical works will be included into the collection of parental helps.So let's meet virtually, pechatno or really.It is better to raise and raise together!AnnotationThe book is the first publication in Russian fundamental work of the outstanding Italian teacher, the psychologist and philosopher Maria Montessori.


The bottom edge of a leaf plays a role of the line of the earth in this world,and the line of the sky is symbolized by birdies flying one after another.To the left ofCats we see the first lodge where there was her Kitten.On fig.~ a lodgeFig.Mama~koshka went to hunt on the Mouse drawing of the girl of years Development of house space in actions and imaginationskitten it is presented by a close up.Lodge similar to sack, name ~ the roundish closed form.In it the kitten sits, as in a uterus.

By means

Similar councils in an occasion of how to see representatives of other, not ~the visible world, we find in rules of children's callings.Callings it is the children's magic practice which is transferring as folklore tradition fromgenerations to generation of children.By means of certain procedures children you ~ gnomes, Queen of spades, , etc.Sometimes it becomes forto be convinced that they really exist and can appear,and sometimes to place them in the service of the interests for example, theyshould execute desire of the child .In any case here too takes placecrossing of border of two worlds.Usually about success of calling childrensuggest to judge on indirect signs on the traces left you ~invited.

The certain

To consider aloud from to , carrying out in parallel in writing arithmetic actions a way to measure attention distribution, besides if to consider spent time and quantity of the allowed mistakes.Having subjected at the same time a great number of people to similar tests, it is possible to compare individual levels.The certain dictations which have been carried out in a class taking into account time and mistakes, serve as practical way of measurement of collective level.These experiences recommended by psychologists, should not stir normal life of school.

However the preschool

It shows that to some extent preschool children can already weigh the motives, meaningly prefer one of them.However the preschool child finds such judiciousness only in the elementary cases, so far as concerns a choice between homogeneous desires to take one or other toy.Much more difficultly for the child to make the reasonable decision in a situation where ethical standards face, on the one hand, of a behavior rule with which the child is already familiar, with another situational desires.The behavior of children in a situation where to them forbade to look at an attractive subject, shows that younger preschool children quite often behave, as children of early age cannot overcome the desire which have arisen at them.

In creation

The preschool child is afflicted.It is not happy with mutual misunderstanding.But as though the child resisted to the adult, it is focused first of all on being such, as adults.Drawing of the child therefore slowly but surely develops in the direction accepted for this culture.In creation of graphic images the child is guided by visual impressions more and more.To it lead it, certainly, adults whom, rejecting unsuccessful drawing from their point of view, suggest to look at a subject.Drawing from nature arises under the influence of special influence of the adult.


In more detail about automobile seats we will talk on the nd week.PREVENTION Never have a children's seat on a forward seat of the car, especially if the car is equipped with airbags.If the back seat of your car is equipped with lateral airbags, arrange a children's chair so that it was out of striking distances of pillows.In case it does not manage to achieve, ask the automobile dealer to clean airbags absolutely.Typical mistakes at an arrangement of an automobile seat.In spite of the fact that more and more parents use the automobile seats, many incorrectly establish and arrange them under the child.


Feasible reduction of caused harm should be constant care of the teacher, therefore.Cold comfort after so many scientific researches, we meet continually problems and any we are not able to resolve.However there is also a problem of all problems to make pleasant and joyful a place where torture a body, and the boredom poisons blood.It is impossible to learn without harm, but we try to compensate harmed by the delivered pleasure.Difficult task.That is why the infinite chain of questions entangles the new science, which name ignorabimus.

Help questions, but do not insist

The fairy tale and in the fairy tale the child expresses the secret desire Rules for the indicator Listen.Do not hurry Consult on the child Approve and encourage.Also do not take an initiative on itself.Ask questions, but do it correctly.Help questions, but do not insist on answers.Note it it is more important.Do not criticize to conduct a plot and not to get off it it is difficult.Laugh together, but do not deride.Kind, sympathetic humour and laughter help only.By the way, these rules anything especially do not differ from the general rules good form.


What problems the fairy tale will help to solve The fairy tale will help To increase to the child selfimage To impart household skills To make routine a holiday To relieve the child of fears To escape from whims To calm down and relax To bring up; to impart cultural skills To appreciate the native nature Humanely and to make thrifty use of the world And this list can be continued and continued.SKAZKIINDIKATORY Our kid with inspiration sings – Cut down, it cut down a firtree under the back … – Who – it – it is asked.– ! Once one little girl took a corbel from a mother's dress also adhered it to itself – as a tail.

It is impossible

Answers of the child cannot be the main source of knowledge of it they should specify and supplement only the knowledge received by means of supervision.If to the child ask questions of him, of his any abilities or qualities whether You are able to play; whether You love cars; whether Courageous you, it is necessary to remember that answers can be interpreted only as an indicator of that the child thinks of itself, but at all what it actually.It is impossible to receive rather complete idea of development of the child, being limited only to studying data in kindergarten.It is necessary to familiarize also with conditions of education and features of his behavior in a family, having in detail asked on it parents.

So, if the child

Real relationship of children in a game situation.In game there are two types of relationship game and real.Game relationship reflects the relations on a plot and a role.So, if the child assumed KarabasaBarabas's role, it according to a plot will be spitefully exaggerated to treat children who have assumed roles of other characters of the fairy tale of A.Tolstoy Buratino's adventures, or the Gold key.Real relationship it relationship of children as partners, the companions who are carrying out common cause.They can agree about a plot, cast, discuss questions arising during game and misunderstanding.

On the one hand, children

The real internal soyedinennost providedsuch creative mental activity, does the surroundingthe world a resource place for the child, his real house during ~on the earth, a place, from where it is possible to get of chesky life forces and support.On the one hand, children learn the real world and master as mother ~alny place of the everyday stay, and on the other hand, always ~ hand over its fantasy version, a peculiar parallel world, denselyconnected with the first.It is weaved from mental images of representationsimagination therefore it is subjective, at everyone the.


All these external rough actions allowing the child to achieve the correct practical result.Mastering by external rough actions occurs far not at once and depends on with what subjectsthe child acts and adults help with what measure to it.The considerable part of toys for children of this age is created so that in their device need parts to each other is as though already enclosed without their correct selection it is impossible to receive result.Nested dolls, boxes with cuts of a certain form where the corresponding figures fall, lodges with openings for being inserted windows and doors and many other toys as though teach the child to external rough actions.

Our duty

Reading will help the teacher to enter children into different spheres of scientific thought.And the child himself will choose to itself a point of application of forces, thanks to passion to reading.Our duty to give it means for selftraining and to keep its intellectual forces, spiritual purity.The rest it put.As our ancestors told, education this ability to read, consider and write because only the person cannot learn it itself.Therefore, the pedagogical method, scientifically authentic, should promote formation of the personality, capable to develop the abilities, strengthenin instead of spending them, finding the necessary help, without losing internal purity.

At this time

It is not necessary to buy a toy if on a box it is specified that the toy is recommended for children of months.The child cannot receive pleasure from such toy.Do not allow use of small toys, details or parts of other toys.Regularly check toys and do not allow hit to the kid of subjects which can do it harm.Snail, snail, let out horns! The kid will be interested by game in a snail.Compress the fingers in a fist.Show it to the child.Start to tell a rhyme A snail, a snail, let out horns.At this time slowly release from a fist index and average fingers.Stir them as though it is horns of a snail.

For washing

Prepare a big bathing towel, a small towel, a tray with warm water, wadded balls, children's soap, a rag for washing.Equipment of bathing wiping.Undress the kid and put it on a towel.All the time support the kid.At first wash the face.The wadded balls moistened in water wash ears.For washing of the head and the person use a soft rag.As soon as finish washing of a site of a body, dry blot it a towel.On a rag put a little soap and wipe a neck, a body, extremities.Do not forget fingers on hands and feet.Wash crotch area.

By the end of the early

Describe individual distinctions in development of speech in studied children.By the end of the early childhood the trudnovospituyemost starts to be found.Think over, it is possible to soften with what receptions crisis.Check your reasons in practice try to make behavior of the difficult child more acceptable.Section thirdTHE PSYCHOLOGICALCHARACTERISTICACTIVITY OF THE CHILDAT PRESCHOOL AGE GAME AS LEADING ACTIVITY AT PRESCHOOL AGE I.General characteristic of game activity We already said that in the early childhood arise and elements of a roleplaying game start to develop.


However it insufficiently.It is necessary still that the child allocated those main versions of properties which apply as standards, from all the others, would start to compare to them properties of various subjects.Necessary conditions for mastering by the standard standards are created for the first time in productive kinds of activity.When before the child put a problem to reproduce in drawin a design, application this or that subject, he tries to correlate features of this subject with features of an available material.It forces the child on time to survey a material, conducts to storing of color of paints, forms of cubes, mosaic elements.


Aspiration to the purpose.Performance of purposeful actions is observed already at infantile age.When the child creeps up, for example, to the toy which has drawn his attention which he aspires to reach, the toy represents itself as the purpose, on it action is directed.But such focus yet does not do action strongwilled.The subject itself as though draws the child, causes in it desire to operate while for the real strongwilled action independent statement of the purpose or acceptance of the purpose put by other person mother, the teacher, other child is characteristic.

For children

Or, for example, the senior preschool children on occupations tags learn to do.To one group say that they do then to play these tags a holiday, to other group that tags will go as a gift to mother, and the third that tags will present to kids who have no toys.For children it is usual occupations, for the researcher a way to define influence of different motives on activity of the child see the first flyleaf, below.Usually such experiments call natural, but with reference to children preschool children of special distinction between laboratory and natural experiment is not present in all cases it is necessary, that children were occupied with interesting their business.

Some children

Now new toys which can be taken in a hand are necessary and to hold.Slyunotecheniye You noticed that at the child the slyunotecheniye began.Some children have a slyunotecheniye such intensive that blots everything that is near a neck and the head.More often a slyunotecheniye connect with a teething.If your kid has a strong slyunotecheniye, put on the child a bib, it will protect clothes from a promokaniye.The child should sleep about hours at night and , hours in the afternoon.Daily it is the share of communication and games till o'clock.


~.In the winter in the evenings together with the children there went for a drive even about ~their gulivavshy fathers.Recently this corner of a garden reconstructed triedto modernize in view of its proximity to Smolny.Therefore the strong woodenhill ~ its impressive bulkiness demolished, and instead of it put easily ~nude metal design described above type.Now around it is desert mothers sit on benches, small childrendig shovels in snow, than children is more senior it is not so visible, as ~ ~yashchy there is no place to drive already.For this purpose it is necessary to go to the Taurian garden, a cat ~the ry it is quite far, and without parents there do not start up.

From N. I. Ne's supervision

Children on one are invited, for example, in a locker

When study group of school students, to them usually distribute questionnaires with a number of questions of this kind With whom you want to go to a backpacking; With whom you want to live in one tent; Whom you would invite to yourself to birthday; With whom you want to share the same desk etc.Similar questions are not suitable for children of preschool age.Their relationship usually finds out with the help a choice in operation.Children on one are invited, for example, in a locker room.Everyone is given three things toys, pictures and ask to tell, what of them is pleasant to it most what is less what at all is not pleasant.

And in them, these

These are those forces, with which subject or forehead ~the century is poured and which fix its internal structure, hundred ~ source of its growth and development.And in them, these internal forces, ~vochka and women are a good judge and are able to use them.Own strengths of the woman usually try not to expose on ~display, concealing the main reserves.Men, on the contrary, about the force are inclinedto declare openly, to show it fully and to be proud of it.Distinctions between boys and girls are combined with the simultaneousage similarity of their behavior.Such similarity is caused by that allchildren in the course of the mental and personal development solve one andthe same tasks, but do it in a little different ways.


They or for days on end loaf down the street, or are compelled to earn for life, early in the mornin before lessons.I noticed that at good, successful pupils in a portfolio the plentiful nutritious breakfast usually lies.Poor students them eternally abuse, as a rule, do not have anythin except a piece of bread.Certainly, it not the unique reason of problems, but helps to understand the events.Encouragement or punishment it not completion of process, and an indicator of moral level of school.And reexamination for this purpose who helped the companion, too only separate episode of the educational process directed on isolation of the child, egoism development with it.

What's the matter

Here before us the five years' child who is able to say muffledly only a few words, drags the doll stretched to it in a mouth, draws a pencil on paper an unclear scribble.What's the matter Perhaps, the child suffered a serious brain illness And it is possible, it pedagogically started with it never speak, do not play, teach nothing Any of these assumptions can appear fair.And any of them is based on our knowledge of conditions of mental development.Clarification of these conditions the most important problem of children's psychology.

However following

Children of all preschool age took part in experiments.The analysis of materials of research showed that the aspiration to be the recognized adult gets special personal sense for the child.In threefour years more than a half of children aspires to hold itself from temptation.In five seven years the percent of children, carrying out the instruction, is rather high.However following of the instruction is given them not easy fight of motives at children is distinctly observed.So, in a situation A mysterious box after withdrawal from a room of the experimenter children behaved differently one looked back at a door, jumped from a chair, considered a box, touched it, but kept opening it and to glance; others tried not to look at all at a box, forcing itself to look aside; the third lost desirable actions symbolically.

Then the boy left

Kicked a ball, and that swept.Then the boy left on a green clearing and again kicked a ball.As you think, where the ball swept further on an asphalt path or on a clearing Value of knowledge.Expansion of a circle of the tasks available to thinking of the child, is connected with assimilation by it all of new and new knowledge.Really, it is impossible to solve a problem, for example, about tea for hunters, without knowing that snow when heating turns into water, or a task about distance on which the ball swept, without knowing that on a smooth surface movement is made easier, than on the rough.Knowledge acquisition is an indispensable condition of development of thinking of children.

In relationship

Alienation, irritability and even inattention from the adult lead to that the child aspires to avoid unpleasant emotions and becomes isolated.Alienation of the adult can lead to development of such negative qualities, as isolation, aggression, lie, flattery, servility and humility.In relationship with the child the adult should is thin to select emotional forms of influence.Positive and negative forms of impact on the child should arise not spontaneously depending on mood of the adult, and to turn into a peculiar equipment of communication where the main background is made by positive emotions, and alienation is used as a form of censure of the child for serious offense.

Tomorrow I go to the village

About eyes! About kisses! About gentle caresses of my mother, I never will forget it.Two sogbenny beggars went before me on the road, one of them bore on hands of the child.Charles voice, sonorous and pure, was allocated among all voices in a class.Tomorrow I go to the village to buy milk.This evening the house of Marseille was shined more brightly, than usually.I for some reason miss today.I want to know nothing about it.From time to time people stole a march and tried to hide somewhat quicker.

The undisciplined

On a question You looked in a box answered in the affirmative.Children of an average and the advanced preschool age, having broken test ' more often they are confused even alone with themselves, excited.At appearance of the adult confusedly confess that broke the requirement.The undisciplined inveracious type of behavior can arise at any preschool age.However most brightly it is presented in five six years.Ira T., for lack of the experimenter looked out for a door, then returned to a table and opened a box.On a question of the experimenter You opened a box answered No.

Subjects tools

It, on visible, would appear at all inaccessible to the child if assimilation of subject actions, mastering by the use of subjects according to their appointment to the aid did not come.Generalization of subjects of their function originally arises in operation, and then is fixed in a word.Subjects tools become the first carriers of generalization.Having acquired a way of action by means of this or that tool a stick, spoons, a sovochka, a pencil, the child tries to use this tool in various situations, allocates its generalized value for the solution of a certain sort of tasks.

It had a family

Test.As the child treats you Children to draw very much love.And drawing is too the story, only without words.Will choose time when also you and your shaggy miracle are free also both in quite good mood.Tell approximately such fairy tale and ask the child to illustrate it.Once upon a time there was a drakonchik.It had a family mother, father, grandfather, the little sister who in a family at you, call.All day they were engaged the affairs that did – think up on the basis of the usual occupations, and evenings came back to a cave – in the house.

M Agraf, Photo

SPb Petersburg the XXI century.M Agraf, Photo M.SanfirovFig.Children are able to find to themselves occupations and to rejoice lives in situationswith obviously limited game that bigger value for it gets construction of the ~foot of the undercover world where he can dispose as the owner.Behavior of the brother and the sister, two children which left on walk indesert yard with concrete hills, it is interesting to us as modeltypically children's solution of the problem of acceptance of circumstances as realities.So, let's observe these children.For us even will be benefits ~but, that children noticed the interested views of adults it will encouragethem to that they showed everythin on what are capable.

Such is a picture

The creptaway weightthe flourishes designating War this awful state of peace, in a cat ~rum stays the child.And a lump in this weight Roll, about whichthe child dreams.Such is a picture of the world of the blockade boy, strikinglaconicism of the description it is terrible reality, in which center on ~his dream is gone.Golubev E.I., Krestinsky A.A.Risuyut children of blockade.L.Aurora, B.N.The first children's images are chaotically scattered on a sheet of paper the child draws where there is an empty seat and consequently easily turnsleaf under a corner convenient for.

These words

Means, sweet it not a subject, you could not guess, what subject is necessary to me.Here if I told sugar candy, sugar, raisin then you would understand that I want, because these words designate subjects.These words nouns.Certainly, the short description does not give complete idea of a lesson.I spoke mandative tone Bring to me! Bring to me! Children crowded round me, listening spellbound to me, as puppies who wait when the owner will throw them a stick.

Orders – Pass

Orders– Leave a class, going easily, and return, going hard.Adverbs at the same time, in turn.Orders – Rise in a row and start to march at the same time, in turn cease to march and come back to the places.Adverbs diffused, attentively.Orders– Walk on a class and absentmindedly look at drawings, then stop and it is attentiveconsider drawings.Adverbs all the time, still, suddenly.Orders – Pass forward, still pass forward, all the time go forward, suddenly stop and return into place.Adverbs from time to time, occasionally.Orders– Go on nosochka, from time to time stamp the left foot, occasionally clap.


In it is given ~the number a case the skipping child deals essentially static ~tsiya two other children are motionless they are switched off as de ~esposobny persons.With equal success it would be possible to pull an elastic band betweentwo motionless chairs.There is no impellent interaction ~ty with each other, skipping with a moving hindrance as in a case with twisting ~be sewed by a rope.In this plan the first situation is much simpler, than the second, and more India ~ the result depends only on prudent dexterity of heads ~character foot.Jumping through a rope is dynamically more difficult.In ~the first, here is harmonious interaction of two twisting theycan change any way speed and rate of rotations of a rope, from slowly ~ when the rope sags, to fast fire, they can ,that the third faltered, etc.

Without specially

As, a system of the image of different subjects, children each time use the same paints, cubes, elements of a mosaic, their properties correspond with properties of many subjects, gradually gaining value of samples, standards.Without specially organized touch education children usually acquire in the beginning only some standards, for example circle and square forms, red, yellow, green and dark blue colors as these forms and colors meet more often than others.Considerably the late is acquired by preschool children of idea of a triangle, a rectangle, an oval, orange, blue, violet flowers.

For healthy

Daily leaving promotes establishment of emotional communication.Some women worry that they cannot establish emotional connection with the kid if it did not arise in maternity hospital.It at all so! The feeling of motherhood will steadily become stronger within hours, weeks, months, years.Process will last all your life.In Russia they while are almost inaccessible.For healthy children second delay of breath the phenomenon not rare.nd WEEKHOW THE FAMILY CAN ESTABLISH EMOTIONAL CONNECTION WITH THE KID Interaction with the kid begins with care of it.

Such researches

Duration of feeding should correspond to your mutual spirit with the kid.You should remember that feeding for the child it not only food, but also process of training and knowledge new.Therefore do not forbid to play a little with cookies slice, to feel a relief of its surface, to touch prickly crumbs.Such researches cannot replace to the child any stories or explanations.The kid receives this experience independently.AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED You have an irritable child Now, when the child became more adult, you can see obvious distinctions in his behavior and behavior of elder sisters and brothers or children of your acquaintances or neighbors.

A way of success

The interested and long occupations of other children the best invitation for weakwilled pupils.The movement directed by ordered exercises, develops ability to constrain at excitable children.Too constraining child released from hyper guardianship, had an opportunity to act independently, that is released from everything that provoked his shyness, can restore balance of two opposite strongwilled processes.A way of success in all cases one a way at which weak become stronger, and strong are improved.Balance violation between excitement and braking processes the fact not only known and entertaining as pathology, it as often meets among normal people, as well as a lack of education of the public relations.

For Russian

For Russian national culture the aspiration to give ~ was characteristicbenka main reference points as soon as possible, for the future, howit will master this world practically itself.Creation of a picture of the worldthe child began already in infancy through turned to it ~sky folklore lullabies of a son a pestushka, a poteshka, etc.They ~ were to provide to the child complete attitude and feeling of theinclusiveness in the general order of a universe set a certain system of wasps ~the novny coordinates helping the child to gain independence in vitally yours ~the ny relations with the world.

The triumph

It appears, these perfect proportions absolutely correspond to proportions of Ancient Greek statues.This fact forces to look at esthetic sense in a new way.It helped Ancient Greek masters to define the average sizes of each body to create from them the harmonious whole.They enjoyed beauty and consequently felt triumph of the life released from freaks of nature, from illness threat even more deeply.The triumph of creation can give the deepest pleasure to the one who understands.Mistakes, even insignificant, are perceived as disharmony.


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